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Stained Glass Windows for the Home

When we say ‘stained glass’, you probably think ‘church’, but decorative glass isn’t just for Sundays. We at Inspire Windows can provide a wide range of stylish colour designs that will brighten up your home and bring elegance to your living space. Our Decorative Glass service covers all kinds of different design options. Our colourful […]

Do I Need Replacement Windows?

Sometimes, a little bit of TLC is all it takes. A fresh coat of paint or a squirt of WD-40 can often be enough to return old windows to good working order. But when it’s over, it’s over, and if your windows really have fallen into disrepair then it could well be time for replacement […]

Leave the Window Installation to us

Inspire Windows don’t just sell double glazing. We give our customers the whole package, which is especially good news if you weren’t keen on tackling the window installation yourself. A lack of DIY expertise shouldn’t prevent you and your home from enjoying the benefits of some brand new windows – just sit back, relax, and […]

Vertical Sliders: Traditional Style, Modern Security

Vertical sliders (also known as sash windows) have been with us for centuries. They’re a common feature in houses from the Victorian era, and they’re generally thought of as a pleasantly old-fashioned alternative to casement windows and other more contemporary designs. But while the sash window may be somewhat antiquated as a concept, rest assured […]

Turning an unused conservatory into the heart of the home

Adding a conservatory is one of the top 10 home improvements carried out within the UK, adding space to the property and increasing its value. With 11 out of 13 regions currently experiencing falling house prices, increasing the value of our homes is becoming ever more important. When choosing a new conservatory, many people opt […]

The cost of making a new house into a new home

Moving house is a major upheavel in our lives, as well as a major cost; solicitors fees, estate agents fees and moving costs can soon escalate into a large unwanted bill. Once we are settled into our new homes, the spending continues; purchasing new furniture, decorating and home improvements. A recent survey by Planitherm discovered […]

Signing up to the green deal, how it may reduce your home’s value

The government’s green deal is a new scheme that encourages consumers to make our homes more energy efficient. Home and business owners will be able to borrow money, at a low rate, which will then be paid back through utility bills. Money will be available for a range of home improvements including insulation, double glazing, […]

Double Glazing Offers – Too Good to be True?

Many companies offer discounts and special offers on their products but will you really end up paying the prices they advertise? The most common deals and their catches are; Buy one get one free– More often than not there will be a very high initial purchase price and will only apply to windows of a […]