Double Glazed Windows Cardiff

Double Glazed Windows Cardiff

Beautiful Double Glazed Windows in Cardiff

You can refresh your Cardiff home with beautiful double glazed windows that are also impressively high performance too. Double glazed windows come in a range of styles to ensure that your home has a perfect match to its natural style.

Double glazed windows are a superb home improvement as the incredible benefits they offer make them a cost effective choice for your Cardiff home. You will experience improved energy efficiency and superior security when you opt for double glazed windows from Inspire.

Our double glazed windows are crafted to provide outstanding quality, and our expert installation services ensure that your new double glazed windows have a seamless fit in your home.

Find out more about our double glazed windows in our handy guide below or contact us for more information.Double Glazed Windows Cardiff

Double Glazed Windows – Our uPVC Options

One of the most popular choices for double glazed windows are the stunning uPVC windows we offer. This is because uPVC windows are a versatile home improvement. They come in a variety of styles that can be tailored to your tastes with profile finishes, decorative glazing, hardware and accessories.

Our uPVC windows offer incredible thermal performance too, working hard to keep your Cardiff home cosy. They have a multi-chambered profile which creates a high performance thermal barrier and are fitted with warm edge spacer bars and low E glass as standard, creating impressive energy efficiency.

When you decide that Inspire uPVC windows are right for your Cardiff home improvements, you will also benefit from the most incredible security features too. Our windows are outstanding when it comes to home protection. The uPVC profile is steel reinforced, making it exceptionally strong and robust. We then fit a key locking system that includes 9 locking points to ensure maximum security.

Our uPVC windows are precision engineered to defeat even the most determined potential intruders.

Your home will even be protected from turbulent Welsh weather, as our uPVC windows are built with double weather seals to offer superior protection from the elements.

When it comes to double glazed windows, our uPVC options are one of the most outstanding choices that you can make.

Our uPVC window styles include:

Casement Windows

Perfectly designed to offer a timeless and sophisticated aesthetic that will complement any type of home. These windows are a stylish option that provide a fresh and clean look for your Cardiff property.Double Glazed Windows Cardiff

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are a brilliant option for when you are in need of safe and secure double glazing, particularly in high rise properties. They have a beautiful design which provides fantastic views and they are a great choice for easy access too.Double Glazed Windows Cardiff

Sliding Sash Windows

Our lovely sliding sash windows are a wonderful option for enhancing the period features of your home, or for adding character to a modern property. The superb design is based on 19th Century styling, but incorporates the latest technology to ensure smooth and seamless operation.Double Glazed Windows Cardiff

Double Glazed Windows – The Aluminium Option

Here at Inspire, we know that choice is a number one priority when selecting double glazed windows, as not one style or material will suit all Cardiff homes.

We offer aluminium windows in addition to our uPVC range, so that you can benefit from a variety of options. Our aluminium windows are spectacular, offering the same high performance standards that you would expect from any double glazed windows, but they have a unique style that is beautiful too.

Aluminium windows have ultra slim profiles thanks to the natural strength of aluminium. They are a brilliant option for individual style as every aluminium window can be tailored with an extensive range of colour options, from bright and bold to natural and traditional. As an extra feature, aluminium windows can be finished with dual colours too.

This means that you can have an outer colour that suits your property’s exterior and an inner colour that complements your interior décor. Aluminium windows really are the height of stylish double glazed window design.

Our aluminium windows are exceptional, see our aluminium page for detailed specifications.Double Glazed Windows Cardiff

Double Glazed Windows Prices, Cardiff

Our range of double glazed windows is superb, and you really will find something to suit every Cardiff property among the options we provide.

If you would like to find out more about our double glazed windows, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with our experts who will answer any questions you may have.

Our team will also provide you with a free quote, or you can create your window designs online and see a double glazed window price tailored to your specifications.

uPVC Windows Cardiff

uPVC Windows, Cardiff

uPVC Windows, Cardiff

Refresh the aesthetics of your Cardiff home with beautiful replacement uPVC windows. Inspire Windows are proud to be a local company, offering a range of stunning and high-performance double glazed windows to Cardiff homeowners. We offer impressive value for money combined with exceptional quality, so you can be sure you are getting a superb double glazing installation.

Why Choose Us?

Inspire Windows have been operating in Cardiff for over fifteen years. We have extensive experience in the double glazing industry and have many happy customers who would recommend our installation services.

We pride ourselves on our fresh approach to double glazing. We never put pressure on our customers to buy our products. Our aim is to provide them with information and guidance so that they can make the best and fully informed decision regarding their home improvements in their own time.

You are in safe hands with Inspire Windows. Our customers and their satisfaction are our priority.uPVC Windows Cardiff

The Benefits of uPVC Windows

Your Cardiff home can be enhanced in so many ways when you choose uPVC windows. Not only will you get beautiful looks that will last for many years, but you will also get incredible performance.

Our uPVC windows are designed and fabricated by the outstanding double glazing manufacturer REHAU. This means that your replacement uPVC windows will offer superb security and fantastic energy efficiency, as well as enhanced weather resistance.

uPVC Windows Styles

We have summarised our uPVC windows styles to give you inspiration for choosing your replacement double glazing.

Every uPVC window we offer can be customised to meet your needs. They are all available in tailored sizes and they can come in a variety of profile colours, woodgrain foils and with decorative glazing options.

Create a simply sumptuous appearance for your property with uPVC windows that have been specifically created to reflect your Cardiff home and your tastes.

Casement Windows

Our gorgeous uPVC casement windows offer a stylish and contemporary finish for your home. They are a cost effective double glazing solution, offering streamlined appearances combined with high-performance design. You can be sure of a crisp, clean look with a uPVC casement window.

Tilt and Turn Windows

For the ultimate practical option, our uPVC tilt and turn windows are unrivalled. They offer a safe ventilation option, easy access for maintenance, and an emergency exit. All this comes with supreme style, as these windows offer a delightfully large glazed area and slimline profile.

Sash Windows

For traditional looks that add character to any home, the uPVC sash window is the perfect choice. Designed to replicate the appearance of 19th Century windows, our double glazed sash windows incorporate a wide range of modern technological advances.

Supreme Weather Resistance

Nothing is more changeable than the Welsh weather, and so our uPVC windows are specifically designed to provide supreme weather resistance for Cardiff homes.

Every window is manufactured with REHAU’s double weather seals, meaning that your home will be fully protected against the elements. No matter how harsh the weather gets, your family and home will be warm and dry.uPVC Windows Cardiff

Unparalleled Security

Our uPVC windows from REHAU are renowned for their unparalleled security performance. Using state of the art design features such as steel reinforcement and internally glazed windows, these superb uPVC windows will protect your family and home.

This wonderful design is coupled with key locking systems that have a nine-point multipoint locking system, making these uPVC windows some of the most secure double glazing products on the market.

uPVC Windows Prices, Cardiff

Inspire Windows are proud to be able to offer our Cardiff customers exceptional uPVC windows prices. We ensure that our double glazing quotes are fantastically competitive, offering you superb value for money. Our high-quality uPVC window installations are a cost effective home improvement that you will enjoy for many years to come.

If you would like a free, no obligation uPVC windows quote, then simply visit our online quote calculator. It’s easy to use and will provide you with a tailored uPVC windows guide price in a matter of minutes.

Of course, you can always contact us and we will be happy to guide you through your options and provide you with a personalised double glazed windows guide price.