Upvc Windows in Cardiff with stained glass

During our initial appointments we spend as much time as possible designing the windows and doors that you would like for your home. Purchasing new double glazing can be a large outlay and it is vital that as a customer you receive the quality and look for your home that you want.

We recently replaced all of the windows in a house in Radyr, Cardiff, which currently had wooden windows with stunning stained glass. The customers told us that they wanted to keep the original stained glass as it was one of the features that they loved about the house. When considering having decorative glass in your home, there are 2 options; we can either copy an existing or new pattern onto your new windows when they are manufactured or we can remove the existing glass and have it put into double glazed units. Even glass that has some damage to it can be restored or repiared by our experts.

To the front of the house we installed black on white bay windows, this matched the original colour of the windows and many of the neighbours properties also. From the inside the refurbished glass looks stunning against the white rehau frames.

image (17)image (18)

We also produced some of the windows using rosewood on the inside and white on the outside. This is an unusual request and slightly more expensive but it fitted in perfectly with the interior design of the house. The original stained glass looks lovely against the rosewood colour.

image (21)

In addition to replacing the windows for upvc, we also fitted new French doors in white on rosewood.

image (20)image (19)

If you are considering changing your existing wooden windows for upvc, why not give us a call to arrange an appointment. We can talk you through the different options for your home and tailor a quote to your requirements. There are many companies in cardiff who offer plain cheap double glazing, we are not one of them! We only fit the highest quality rehau frames, planitherm glass and locking systems, and fit them with skill and care. Take a look at our decorative glass page to see the various designs that we can offer.

For premium windows and doors, expertly fitted in and around Cardiff, give us a call on 02920 734573

Cardiff Double Glazing Prices, why do they vary so much?

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It’s that time of year again where double glazing companies are offering 55% off their prices along with lots of free extras, the majority of us understand that these massive discounts are not realistic. Although there is higher competition in January for window and door installers, a reasonable discount is 5% to 10% for any company that offers genuine prices during the rest of the year.

All window companies want to keep their fitters working so there is always a little room to negotiate in January. The problem is what to do, when everyone tells you their windows and doors are the best, but the prices vary massively?

Take a few moments to consider which window you preferred the look of; after all it is your family that will be looking through them every day for the next 10 to 15 years. Did one of the frames suit your home more, did it feel sturdier and were the handles easier to operate?

Many window profiles now offer the same standards; A rating, argon gas filled with low e coated glass and secured by design status. However there are a few important factors that could make you question that suspiciously cheap double glazing quote. Here is our checklist for ensuring a quality installation;

  1. Glass- The glass should have a low e coating on the outside, argon or krypton gas filled and Planitherm or similar coating on the internal face. This will reduce condensation on the window and help to keep the heat inside your home.
  2. Locks and hinges- Are there a sufficient amount of locks and are they from a reputable manufacturer. We use Mila locks, handles and hinges on our doors and windows which have won the G awards for 2 years. Good quality ancillaries can be considerably more expensive than their cheaper rivals.
  3. Manufacturing – A window profile is nothing until it is actually put together by the manufacturer. How long has the manufacturer been making this profile, how often are there problems with the windows or doors?
  4. Finishing – Finishing off a window with trims or plastering is one of the most time consuming parts of fitting a window. Any company that takes time and care will need to charge a little more to allow for this. Ideally your windows should be sealed internally with stelmax instead of silicone which should not discolour or go mouldy.
  5. The fitting team- Do they have the required experience and are they actually employed by the company on a daily rate? Some window fitters work on a price rate of how many frames they can fit in a day, we would prefer our installers to fit 4 windows perfectly rather than 7 badly. As with every industry, it costs more to employ good staff than it does bad ones.
  6. The guarantee- Is the guarantee transferrable if you sell your home and does it cover everything. Many companies only cover the glass, locks and handles for 1 year, we cover everything that we fit for the full 10 years.
  7. The company – To the frustration of the double glazing industry there are still people out there who will offer a fantastic price but have no plans of being around in 5 years time when you may need them. It costs money to run a business professionally and pay your staff well; this will generally be reflected in the quote that you receive.

Of course there are situations when as a customer you will have a limited budget and just pick the cheapest quote. Don’t be afraid to ask for the job to be split into two parts so you can have better quality windows and doors without the big outlay. We very often fit the front of a house and then return when the customer is ready to complete the back. You, the customer are happy and as a business we know we have work for the future.

Take another look at your double glazing quotes and consider which one actually offers the best value for money. Ask each company if you can have an address where they have fitted windows in the last couple of months and a year or two ago, this way you can see the quality of fitting recently and ascertain how the frames have weathered.

If you are still feeling confused, there are many forums where tradesmen will give an impartial view on the best frames and fitting techniques, one of the better ones is my Having a little more knowledge can give you the confidence to hand your hard earned money over to the right people.

Condensation on Double Glazing in Cardiff and South Wales

image (14)Many homeowners believe that condensation is caused by badly fitting windows and can be remedied by fitting energy efficient double glazing. This is not always the case as condensation has many different causes, sometimes it is even a good sign to show that your windows are working effectively!

Condensation can occur on either the internal face of the window, in between the double glazed unit or on the external face of the window. Understanding why there is moisture on the windows can help to fix or reduce the issue:

Condensation on the internal face

The main causes of condensation within the home are excess moisture in the environment coupled with a low external temperature. One of the obvious ways to reduce the issue is to try to create less moisture in the air with the use of dehumidifiers or drying clothes outside. If this is not possible, it is important to ventilate each room well, through opening windows on the vent function daily if possible.

Internal condensation can be reduced with the use of warm edged spacers and Planitherm glass. Both of these additions restrict heat exchange through the glass, keeping the internal pane warmer.

Newly fitted double glazed windows can appear to cause condensation once the weather turns cold. What is actually happening is that the previous windows were not as tightly sealed and would allow air to escape. This air, which contains moisture and warmth, in now meeting the glass instead of escaping through the gaps. Of course the benefit is that your heating is no longer escaping around the windows and is being retained in your home.

Condensation between the units

Condensation on the internal faces of the double glazing shows that the unit is leaking air or gas and is no longer sealed correctly. There is no option other than to replace the unit at this stage as the visibility of the window will gradually reduce due to increased moisture entering the sealed unit.

Condensation on the external face

This occurs when the temperature of the glass reaches a lower point than that of the external temperature. Energy efficient windows fitted with a low e coating and Planitherm glass will reduce the heat loss to the external glass resulting in condensation.

External condensation tends to only happen in certain climatic conditions such as in extremely cold weather, it is also dependant on how sheltered or open to the wind each window is. This makes it possible to have condensation on some windows in your home but not others.

Having condensation on the external face of the windows is not a bad thing; it simply shows that your windows are retaining the heat in your home.

In summary, condensation is not necessarily caused by good or bad double glazing but can be reduced with good ventilation and choosing windows that will reduce your heat loss effectively.

At Inspire Windows, we fit warm edged spacers and Planitherm low e coating as standard on all of our windows. For a no obligation quote in Cardiff, Newport, Barry or South Wales please call us on 02920 734573.

Rehau- Cardiff’s choice for UPVC Windows and Doors

Double Glazing CardiffAs a local Cardiff double glazing company we choose to fit products that will stand the test of time and outperform our competitors. Through our many years experience in the industry we have chosen to use Rehau as our preferred profile. Through fitting premium products we can offer you enhanced security for your home, a more attractive look for your property and reduce the likelihood of maintenance problems in the future. As a double glazing company who plan to be around for a long time it makes sense for us to fit windows and doors that we are proud to put our name to.

When choosing your new windows and doors it is important to decide on a company that you trust, who sell a high quality product and also have a good reputation for after sales. Unfortunately there are still a few double glazing companies who are happy to sell less technically advanced windows and doors and achieve very low profit margins, as they have no intention of dealing with maintenance problems in the future.

Rehau was founded in Germany and was one of the first companies to produce and sell UPVC window and door profiles in the UK.  Rehau frames, which are now produced in North Wales, are the market leader in UPVC windows and doors. Simply search on the internet and you will find an over whelming amount of reviewers that rate Rehau as one of the top upvc profiles.

There are many benefits to you as a customer when choosing Rehau windows and doors for your home;

Enhanced security – Our frames are reinforced with steel which not only makes the frame stronger but also gives a stronger fixing points for the locks. Our windows have between 9 and 11 locking points on every sash. Our windows and doors achieve the police approved secure by design status.

Aesthetics – Our customers can choose from two different profiles, the S706 or the Rehau edge. The latter offers a sculptured frame which lends a softer look to your new windows whereas the S706 provides a modern square edged finish.

Energy saving- All rehau frames are produced with a 3 chamber profile to reduce energy loss. Fitted with warm edged spacers, our windows easily achieve an A rating.

Discolouration- Our UPVC is produced with a unique compound that results in a smooth gloss finish ensuring your windows and doors remain as pristine as the day they were fitted.

There are many things to consider when deciding on your replacement windows and doors; our checklist identifies some on the main factors that affect the price of your double glazing.

If you are considering having new windows and doors fitted, please give us a call on 02920 734573.

Top 5 Home Improvements for Women- DIY or get the professionals in?

You only need to switch on the television to find an abundance of home improvement programs aimed at women. The trend of 2013 is to be more thrifty and make use of what we have available, rather than splashing out on unique designer pieces to improve our homes. Kirstie Allsopp of Location,Location,Location fame has found great success with sharing her tips on “up cycling” in her latest programme, “Kirstie’s homemade Britain”. A recent study by build it and home improvement magazine found that 1 in 5 women plan do to some form of home improvements themselves during the upcoming weekend.

With the tough economic climate it is no great surprise that we are all trying to save money. The key to successful home improvements is knowing when to do it yourself and when to get the professionals in. As women we tend to be more interested in how we can improve the look and feel of our home with decorative changes, rather than fixing problems around the house. A selection of the top 5 DIY activities for women includes;

Painting or wallpapering

Regrouting tiles

Hanging a picture or mirror

Cleaning up the garden

Assembling furniture

Women now feel much less daunted by tackling home improvement projects due to the wealth of knowledge available on the internet and the rebranding of many home improvements stores to put more of a focus on decorating as well as home repairs. Website “So Feminine” has a very useful article with basic tips on jobs around the house.

So what jobs should we leave to the professionals? Anything that involves a large financial outlay or specialist skills should be left to those in the know. Plumbing work, electrical upgrades and replacing windows and doorsshould be carried out by reputable companies who can provide knowledge, experience and above all a guaranteeof quality workmanship.

When choosing a company for your home improvements, be sure to check out online reviews, ask for customer references and obtain 3 separate quotes. Don’t be tempted to just plump for the cheapest quote, sometimes you really do get what you pay for! Here at Inspire Windows we can offer a wealth of knowledge and experience along with reviews from many of our happy customers. Give us a call on 02920 734573 or visit our website.

French Casement windows in Groesfaen, Llantrisant

Would you like to throw open your bedroom windows in the morning and imagine you were in the South of France? Our French casement windows offer your home a taste of the French life, with no central mullion the windows can be opened fully allowing the light to flood in.

Our French casements are ideal for smaller windows that need to act as a means of escape in the event of a fire. Under current building regulations, a window that is also a means of escape must have a clear opening of 0.33m2, a standard casement window will restrict this access with the central mulllion. The flying mullion on this design ensures that the window is as secure as a standard casement window when closed.

French windows are commonly fitted in stone cottages that tend to have smaller window openings, a popular choice is the addition of internal georgian bars to add a classic twist to this popular window style. On a practical note, fitting easy clean hinges makes the windows extremely simple to clean from the inside. The sash simply slides along to allow easy access to the external pane, allowing you to say goodbye to your weekly window cleaning costs!

We recently fitted French casement windows to a customers property in Groesfaen, Llantrisant. We designed the windows with internal georgian bars and easy clean hinges, the finished product sits seamlessly into the stone cottage. Our customers are delighted with the windows and French doors that we fitted and were even more thrilled with the affordable price that we charged compared to some of the Newport double glazing companies who also quoted.

If you would like more information on French casement windows, or any other style, please call us on 02920 734573 or email us at

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Vertical sliding sash windows in Newport, Gwent

Replacing traditional sash windows in large Victorian properties can be an expensive project and dramatically change the look of your home. There are important factors to consider when deciding on the perfect window for your home; will the windows suit the style of the property, are the security features the best on the market and does the price offer value for money?

Vertical sliding sash windows now offer the style of traditional wooden styles with the security and energy efficiency of modern upvc double glazing. UPVC sash windows have the added bonus of being available in a choice of colours that will never need painting! One of the most popular additions to sash windows is the addition of decorative glass or georgian bars, these features blend perfectly with the elegant style of our products.

We have recently fitted replacement vertical sliders to a property in Newport which required it’s old wooden sash windows to be replaced. We replaced all 28 windows and the front door, during the installation we had countless comments on what an improvement the windows have made to the house. The customers are thrilled with the results and are happy that they chose Inspire Windows Ltd out of all the double glazing companies they spoke with in Newport and Cardiff. If you would like more information on our products, please give us a call on 02920 734573 or email us at

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Windows & Interior Design

Interior design is a funny old field. Windows might not be the first thing you think of when you’re redecorating a room, but as all good interior designers know, every element of a room counts, and that includes the double glazing. Of course, practicality is more important than style when it comes to your home’s windows, but why can’t they be both practical and stylish?

Well-chosen windows can do wonders for one’s living space. They have a subtler impact than, say, a bright red sofa, but it’s the subtle things that make all the difference. Windows are the primary source of light in most rooms (at least during the daytime), and different windows will have all kinds of different effects on a room. Obviously, you’ll want the glass itself to be as strong and as sturdy as possible, but beyond that, there are all kinds of design options that revolve around the windows. Vertical sliders, for example, are different from casement windows, and there’s a wide variety of curtains and blinds on the market that will help you to make your room exactly as you like it. You could even add some decorative glass detail to give your windows a bit of personality!

Windows are an essential aspect of any room, and it’s hugely important to consider their impact on your interior design. Do you want your room to feel light and breezy, or warm and cosy? Do you have any particular theme in mind? And where will you be sitting in relation to the incoming light? All of these questions are well worth thinking about, so don’t forget to factor in the windows next time you’re redecorating!

uPVC Windows Cardiff

Why are Casement Windows so Popular?

The majority of our customers opt for UPVC casement windows when they need new double glazing, but what exactly makes our casement windows such a popular choice? It’s not like they’re especially superior to our other products; our vertical sliders and tilt and turn options come with the same ‘A’ rated glass and the same 10 year guarantee as the casement windows.

But while the aforementioned alternatives do have their charms (vertical sliders, for example, are great if you’re going for a more traditional look), it’s hard to deny that casement windows are the most versatile choice available. The casement design allows us to install your windows any which way you please, so whether you want your windows to open at the top, from the bottom, or sideways, casement windows can cater to your needs.

But the customisation doesn’t stop there. All of our windows are made to order, which means that we’ll work closely with you to create a window that’s perfectly suited to your requirements. Our bespoke windows can be built to accommodate many different sizes, and we can even include some coloured glass if you’d like – these custom windows are made especially for you!

Sustainable Aluminium Windows

Sustainable Aluminium Windows

It’s important to have high-quality windows in your home, but it’s just as important to be eco-friendly. Here at Inspire Windows, we’re dedicated to being as green as possible, and that means using sustainable materials – whether we’re replacing your windows or doing you some new French doors, you can always rest assured that the products we’re giving you have come from the greenest sources available.

So what’s our environmentally sound material of choice? Aluminium, of course! Our aluminium products are sustainable, sturdy, and most importantly of all, they last for decades. Waste is public enemy number one if you’re keen on being green, so we want to ensure that the windows and doors we install will last for a long, long time. Replacing your double glazing every few years isn’t ideal anyway, but when you factor in the amount of material that’s going to waste when you give up on your windows, durable products seem absolutely imperative.

Our sustainable windows use cutting-edge technology, and the aluminium that goes into their construction is sustainably-sourced; they’re exceedingly eco-friendly in every aspect! Nobody wins with cheap, sub-par windows, so do yourself and the earth a favour today by opting for our strong, sleek and stylish aluminium windows. We guarantee that they won’t let you down!