Five of the best conservatory design ideas

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For many of us adding a conservatory to our property is a major financial outlay that will change the way we use our home. Deciding on how you will use your new conservatory will affect the design and size that you choose, the flow of your home and the style in which it will be decorated.


Many conservatories are built without any thought to what they will be used for. It is important to consider basic points when planning your new extension, such as; how many power points will we need and where, where should the doors go to make most use of the space, how much privacy do we want and will we need radiators.

Once you have decided on what the space will be used for, the fun part can begin- designing the interior. Here are a few styles that can be adopted to make sure your new room is both functional and beautiful.


By using clean lines, simple shapes and a pop of colour with your accessories, your conservatory can become a bright living area or playroom. We love the bright colours of this storage unit for keeping the room tidy and the use of white furniture that reflects the light. Bunting draped across the ceiling adds a playful element to the decor without the room feeling like a dedicated kids zone


Conservatories lend themselves to being laid back rooms where you can gaze at the sky for an hour or two. We love the use of daybeds in conservatories, together with a mish mash of reclaimed furniture, low seating and colourful throws and cushions.


Your new conservatory could become the formal dining space that you have always craved. The use of muted colours, antique furniture and stunning lights as a focus point will create a space that will leave your guests in awe of your new room. We liked the use of this chandelier to emphasise the roof height along with the muted colour of the dresser, echoing the outdoors.


Where better to enjoy coastal views than from your new conservatory? Unfortunately we can’t all live by the sea but bringing the nautical feel to your conservatory is simple. The key elements include window seating, the use of natural materials and soft furnishings in blues and greens. We think this room has got the look off to a tee.


All a conservatory really needs to make it the heart of the home is a big comfy sofa or reading chair, some beautiful plants, a coffee table strewn with magazines and a big mug of tea! Gone are the days when conservatories are furnished with wicker furniture, a big corner sofa is ideal to turn your new extension into a room for the whole family.

Once you have decided what you would like to use your new conservatory for, please give us a call for a no obligation appointment. We can advise on planning, design and the best style to suit your home, throughout Cardiff, Newport and South Wales.

All of our windows, doors and conservatories come with a 10 year guarantee and expert fitting and

Conservatory Installation Cardiff

Conservatory Installation in Newport

As regular visitors to the Inspire Windows blog will already know, we install conservatories in Cardiff quite frequently. Here’s one we fitted in Whitchurch; here’s another in St. Mellons (note the magnificent mahogany finish). On both occasions, the customers were over the moon with both our work and, yes, our prices!

But what of the wider South Wales area? Well, you be pleased to hear that our conservatories aren’t exclusively for the capital, and if you live in Newport (or anywhere else in South Wales, for that matter) we’d be more than happy to quote you for a classy conservatory of your very own. A UPVC conservatory makes an exquisite addition to any home, and these gorgoeus glass rooms are a great middle ground between home garden, mixing the warmth and comfort of one with the beauty and natural light of the other.

Our conservatories are the best home extensions you could ask for, and we’d be thrilled to hear from anyone who’s interested in adding a UPVC conservatory to their property. If you live in Newport and you want the Inspire Windows team to handle your conservatory, get in touch today – our email address, or you can call us on 02920 734573.

Turning an unused conservatory into the heart of the home

Adding a conservatory is one of the top 10 home improvements carried out within the UK, adding space to the property and increasing its value. With 11 out of 13 regions currently experiencing falling house prices, increasing the value of our homes is becoming ever more important.

When choosing a new conservatory, many people opt for the supplier with the cheapest price or with the glossiest brochure. The most important factors to consider are the design of the conservatory, how it will be used as part of your home, the quality of the fitting and it’s year round suitability.

Badly fitted conservatories are prone to leaks and drafts, always choose a supplier who seems knowledgeable in how the conservatory will blend with your own home and is able to identify any potential problems. Ask to visit a conservatory that the company fitted recently and one that was fitted a couple of years before, this way you can be sure that your new conservatory will stand the test of time and be fitted by a company with consistent standards.

There are currently four million homes in the UK with conservatories, many of which are unused due to various problems. One of the main issues is conservatories fitted with polycarbonate roofs instead of glass. Glass roofs, although more expensive, are 3.5 times more effective in keeping the room cool in the summer and 58% more thermally efficient at keeping the space warm in the winter. Conservatories fitted with planitherm glass and warm edged spacers will make your new room as energy efficient as possible.

Other problems include drafts due to poorly fitted windows and doors, leaks caused by insufficient lead flashings and condensation from a lack of opening windows in the conservatory.

Replacing your current conservatory is obviously a large expense that many people wish to avoid. There are many companies who specialise in repairs, upgrades and replacing polycarbonate roofs for more energy efficient glass roofs, such as Inspire Windows Ltd, based in Cardiff. For less than half of the cost of your original conservatory, the space could be turned into a functional and welcoming room to be used all year round.

The cost of making a new house into a new home

Moving house is a major upheavel in our lives, as well as a major cost; solicitors fees, estate agents fees and moving costs can soon escalate into a large unwanted bill. Once we are settled into our new homes, the spending continues; purchasing new furniture, decorating and home improvements.

A recent survey by Planitherm discovered “There are many aspects that go into creating a new home and we all have a seemingly never-ending to do list for things we hope to improve”. The research found that it takes on average 17 months and 12 days and £5044 to turn our new house into a home. Of course we all feel more settled in our homes once we have enjoyed momentous occasions in them such as birthdays, anniversaries and having children.

The top 10 things which make a house feel a home;

1. Making it warm
2. Enjoying a first Christmas
3. Filling all rooms with furniture
4. Cleaned top to bottom
5. Experiencing all four seasons in the house
6. Planting your own things in the garden
7. Fitting your own toilet seat
8. Stripping the walls
9. Having a birthday
10. Being on first name terms with the neighbours

Making renovations to the home are also a large part of settling in. This includes making decorative improvements, upgrades to double glazing and extending the home to add an extra room such as a conservatory.

The top 10 to do list around the home is


1. Paint each room
2. Lay new carpets in each room
3. Do up the bathroom
4. Rip out the kitchen
5. Fit new double glazing
6. Add new front door (or paint existing one)
7. Re-landscape the garden
8. Lay a new driveway
9. Add a conservatory
10. Extend/add another room

Making a plan of which renovations need to be done first can save you money if you plan carefully. For example if you need to replace your windows and add a conservatory, many companies will charge you less for having all of the work done at one time. It also makes sense to have any structural work carried out before you decorate or lay new carpets. There is no point in painting the walls only to have them replastered in a few months time when new French doors are fitted.

Inspire Windows is a Cardiff windows company with over 15 years’ experience in the supply and installation of high quality double glazing windows, doors and conservatories. We are an authorised partner of REHAU Windows, Europe’s leading manufacturer of some of the most secure and energy-efficient double glazing windows available. Coupled with Planitherm “A” rated glass as standard, REHAU windows are by far and away the best choice for upvc double glazing. Please take a look at our website for more information

Double Glazing Offers – Too Good to be True?

Many companies offer discounts and special offers on their products but will you really end up paying the prices they advertise?

The most common deals and their catches are;

Buy one get one free– More often than not there will be a very high initial purchase price and will only apply to windows of a similar size

Six windows and a door for £1200 – Likely to be the cheapest frames available and windows so small that they will not be suitable for the majority of properties, meaning that the final quote will be much higher

35% off windows– This only applies if you have not had a quote from the company before – implying that they actually inflate the price and then reduce it again

Window scrappage scheme– Companies will promise to give you £1000’s of pounds back through a scrappage scheme that is actually nothing to do with the government. You would have to spend a great deal of money to qualify for the “scrappage allowance” which is just a discount on already inflated prices.

10 year guarantee – All frames of reasonable quality should come with a 10 years manufacturer’s warranty as standard so this is not an added extra.

The showhome promotion – Has your street been specially selected as a “show home” street? This is just a ploy to get into your home and give you a quote with a special added discount if you will advertise the companies name outside your home. The best form of advertising for a reputable company is word of mouth, not obtrusive advertising campaigns.

The added extras  – What else is not included in your quote; window cills, locking mechanisms, additional openers, upgrades to better quality frames & glass, extortionate finance charges… the list could be endless so make sure the deal you are being offered really is as good as it first appeared.

With so many special offers that are not actually that “special” it is important that you choose a company who you trust. It can be tempting to purchase through one of the national companies with their promise of guarantees and discounts and appealing websites. However, sales staff from national companies are working on commission and may not be primarily concerned about repeat business from their customers, making the sale the priority.

Choosing a local company who can advise you on the best purchase for your property without pressurising you to make a sale may be the best choice. The chances are they will have much lower overheads, more personal service, and reliable aftercare. They may offer you a more realistic and affordable quote to ensure that your home’s value, security and energy efficiency is maximised.

Inspire Windows Ltd are a Certass registered company, based in Cardiff. We offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee as standard. We are also an authorised Rehau partner, fitting top quality windows, doors and conservatories. Take a look at our site or give us a call on 02920 734573