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Is It Worth Replacing Old Double Glazing?

If your Cardiff based home is starting to show signs of wear including condensation, cold draughts or breaking handles, it may be worth replacing your old double glazing. Depending on the quality of the initial installation, double glazing can either last for decades in great shape or decline in performance rapidly. The latter can affect many aspects of your home life, from your energy efficiency to the comfort of your guests.

For this reason, we’re proud to provide a comprehensive double glazing service that can replace your old windows and doors quickly, affordably and with stunning new features. Invest in your property with our bespoke designs which are built to last for a very long time with only minimal aftercare required. Use our online quoting engine to get a free, no obligation quote started today!

Inspire Windows is a home improvement firm which prioritises the needs of our customers above all else. We will put you first, taking the time to establish an open, transparent dialogue that keeps you in the loop and helps you to voice any concerns you may have regarding your property. Our professional team of installers are passionate, hardworking and dedicated to your satisfaction above all else.


Double Glazing Replacements

In this age of rising bills and global warming, there’s never been a better time to invest in double glazing. Across the UK, more and more homeowners are choosing these models to enhance their home due to the superior thermal insulation they offer. Unlike single glazed windows and doors, double glazing creates a space inside the unit through which heat struggles to pass, turning previously vulnerable features into powerhouses of insulation.

As a result, you can stay warmer for longer even on cold winter nights. With less demand on your central heating system, you can potentially reduce the costs of your energy bills and even decrease your carbon emissions. When coupled with thermally broken profile frames, double glazing will revolutionise the feel of your Cardiff property. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more about double glazing’s energy efficiency.

Another major advantage of double glazing is the added structural integrity that a second pane of glass offers to each unit. This improves the durability and security of your windows and doors, ensuring they can withstand a tremendous amount of physical force without breaking. All of our products are routinely tested to ensure there are no weak spots or points of leverage for potential intruders to exploit. Rest assured that your loved ones are protected with our market leading double glazing.


Customisable Windows & Doors

Making the most of your property is easier than ever with our bespoke double glazing. You can choose from a broad range of customisation options, including colours, sizes, shapes, styles and configurations. Whether you live in a period property or a more modern home, we have the perfect products for you. We even offer an extensive selection of beautiful hardware accessories, such as handles and letterboxes, so you can add those perfect finishing touches.

Unleash your inner creativity and explore the stunning windows and doors available for your Cardiff home. We have a new, recently refurbished showroom where you can get a first hand experience with our various double glazing home improvements. Our onsite staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, and our online appointment system makes it easy and convenient to plan your visit.


Double Glazing Prices Cardiff

Fall in love with your Cardiff home all over again by replacing old double glazing with new, premium grade products. We have an online quoting engine you can use to start your quote with us, or if you’d prefer you can send us a direct message through our online contact form. Give us a call on 02920 734573 if you’d rather speak to us in person. We’d be more than happy to help you!

Cardiff Double Glazing- Is it time for new windows?

We get many enquiries regarding repairs to windows and replacement of double glazed units. Although we do not carry out repair work, we find that many customers are actually putting off the inevitable by trying to repair their windows when they really need replacing. If you are considering your options, here is how to tell whether it is time to splash out on new windows for your home

1. The age of your windows
If your windows are over 15 years old, the chances are that they are nearly ready to be replaced. They may not look too bad from a distance but new upvc windows are much more advanced in terms of security, energy efficiency and ease of use.

2. Gaps around the window or wobbly frames
It could be that your windows were fitted by the previous owners If they were done cheaply the chances are they are badly fitted. Even the best window in the world will not perform effectively if they not been fixed in securely or adequately sealed.

3. Broken hinges and locks
Many customers do not realise how much the cost of high qualty locks and hinges add to the price of windows. If you are splashing out on new locks, are your windows strong enough to fit the locks into?. Our windows are all fully reinforced with steel allowing the locks to fix firmly into place. Our 9 point locking system is also much more secure than older windows that will have fewer locks.

4. Allowing lots of noise through
When we change our customers windows, the first thing they say is “it’s so quiet”. Peace and quiet in your home is important, it’s very easy to get used to background noise without realising it.

5. Fading furniture and curtains
Modern glass techniques can perform a range of functions to suit your needs. Whether it be uv protection, extra security or heat retention – our planitherm glass does it all.

6. The frames  are rotting
This is a clear sign that your windows have had their day. If your frames have got to this stage, it is time to dig deep and start getting quotes for new windows.

7. It’s time for a change

With the wide variety of styles and colour options available, new windows and doors really can change the whole look of your house. Take time to consider what style your are looking for. A reputable double glazing company will be more than happy to help you design your new windows and doors.

For your no obligation quote call 02920 734573 or visit

Cardiff Double Glazing Prices, why do they vary so much?

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It’s that time of year again where double glazing companies are offering 55% off their prices along with lots of free extras, the majority of us understand that these massive discounts are not realistic. Although there is higher competition in January for window and door installers, a reasonable discount is 5% to 10% for any company that offers genuine prices during the rest of the year.

All window companies want to keep their fitters working so there is always a little room to negotiate in January. The problem is what to do, when everyone tells you their windows and doors are the best, but the prices vary massively?

Take a few moments to consider which window you preferred the look of; after all it is your family that will be looking through them every day for the next 10 to 15 years. Did one of the frames suit your home more, did it feel sturdier and were the handles easier to operate?

Many window profiles now offer the same standards; A rating, argon gas filled with low e coated glass and secured by design status. However there are a few important factors that could make you question that suspiciously cheap double glazing quote. Here is our checklist for ensuring a quality installation;

  1. Glass- The glass should have a low e coating on the outside, argon or krypton gas filled and Planitherm or similar coating on the internal face. This will reduce condensation on the window and help to keep the heat inside your home.
  2. Locks and hinges- Are there a sufficient amount of locks and are they from a reputable manufacturer. We use Mila locks, handles and hinges on our doors and windows which have won the G awards for 2 years. Good quality ancillaries can be considerably more expensive than their cheaper rivals.
  3. Manufacturing – A window profile is nothing until it is actually put together by the manufacturer. How long has the manufacturer been making this profile, how often are there problems with the windows or doors?
  4. Finishing – Finishing off a window with trims or plastering is one of the most time consuming parts of fitting a window. Any company that takes time and care will need to charge a little more to allow for this. Ideally your windows should be sealed internally with stelmax instead of silicone which should not discolour or go mouldy.
  5. The fitting team- Do they have the required experience and are they actually employed by the company on a daily rate? Some window fitters work on a price rate of how many frames they can fit in a day, we would prefer our installers to fit 4 windows perfectly rather than 7 badly. As with every industry, it costs more to employ good staff than it does bad ones.
  6. The guarantee- Is the guarantee transferrable if you sell your home and does it cover everything. Many companies only cover the glass, locks and handles for 1 year, we cover everything that we fit for the full 10 years.
  7. The company – To the frustration of the double glazing industry there are still people out there who will offer a fantastic price but have no plans of being around in 5 years time when you may need them. It costs money to run a business professionally and pay your staff well; this will generally be reflected in the quote that you receive.

Of course there are situations when as a customer you will have a limited budget and just pick the cheapest quote. Don’t be afraid to ask for the job to be split into two parts so you can have better quality windows and doors without the big outlay. We very often fit the front of a house and then return when the customer is ready to complete the back. You, the customer are happy and as a business we know we have work for the future.

Take another look at your double glazing quotes and consider which one actually offers the best value for money. Ask each company if you can have an address where they have fitted windows in the last couple of months and a year or two ago, this way you can see the quality of fitting recently and ascertain how the frames have weathered.

If you are still feeling confused, there are many forums where tradesmen will give an impartial view on the best frames and fitting techniques, one of the better ones is my Having a little more knowledge can give you the confidence to hand your hard earned money over to the right people.