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At Inspire Windows Cardiff, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products available and fit them with care. We understand that your new upvc windows will be  a major purchase and may be something that you have been saving for over the last few years.

It can be daunting choosing a company when there are so many double glazing businesses offering an abundance of advice. Our customers choose us because they trust us, we offer genuine reasons why we use the products that we do, we are always happy to give out addresses of previous work and most importantly our fitters are experienced and finish the job properly. Our windows and doors of choice are Rehau, one the longest standing extruders and highly regarded within the industry. Their frames are so strong that our top quality locks and hinges are fixed firmly into the steel reinforcment.

We also have genuine reviews that are verified by the website that customers place them on and also verify the computer IP address of where each one was placed. When checking out customer reviews, always take a look at the site and see how easy it is to place a review, if you don’t need to create an account the chances are that many of the reviews are not real and placed by the company themselves. There are many review sites that simply won’t allow customers to place a poor review.

Finally, always compare quotes on a like to like basis. The most expensive quote may not be the highest quality and the cheapest quote may not include everything that you want. Good quality workmanship does cost more- from the high quality moving parts to the mastic that will seal your new windows, take into account exactly what you are paying for. Our quotes include a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.


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Customisation Options For uPVC Windows

There are customisation options to enhance the look of new uPVC windows. These are perfect if you want something a little different or to replicate your existing windows. We take a look at some of the various options when choosing your double glazing, along with examples of windows that we have fitted throughout Cardiff and South Wales.

Leaded Glass

Leaded glass can be fitted in just the top of the windows (fanlights) or in the entire window depending on the customer’s preference. Many people choose to have it fitted in the fanlights as it enhances the window without obscuring the view through the main pane of glass. Leaded glass generally adds around £50 per square metre to the cost of your new windows.

image (31)

Astragal Bars

Astragal bars are added to the window to give the look of original glazing bars that would each house a separate pane of glass. They are fitted to the window and stand proud of the glass, a back-to-back spacer is fitted to the inside of the glass. These can be fitted in a variety of patterns with either a single vertical bar for a minimal look or a grid pattern to replicate original Georgian windows. Astragal bars can be around 20 to 30% more expensive than standard windows.

image (32)

Georgian Bars

Georgian bars are fitted to the inside of the double glazed unit, they are a more cost-effective version of astragal bars. Georgian bars can also be fitted in a variety of patterns and are available in a choice of colours to match the chosen window. Georgian bars generally cost around an extra £40 to £50 a square metre depending on the colour. Below is an example of Irish oak windows with colour-matched Georgian bars.

image (33)

Stained Glass

When deciding on stained glass for your windows, there are two choices. If you have an existing stained glass in your windows we can remove it, clean, restore it and reglaze it into new double glazed units. Alternatively, we can copy an original or bespoke pattern and replicate it into your new windows. Colours can be matched exactly to give you the most authentic look possible. We also have standard stained glass designs that can be chosen if you don’t have any special requirements.

Stained glass prices vary depending on the size of the window, for a simple stained glass fanlight the additional price would be around £30 to £50 per fanlight to replicate a pattern. Original stained glass that is being reglazed can vary tremendously depending on the size and condition of the glass. Below is an example of an original stained glass fitted into a rosewood uPVC window and a door fitted with replicated stained glass effect.

image (34)image (35)

Bevelled Glass

Bevelled glass involves adding a raised design to the glass, it gives an elegant look to panes of glass and is popular in fanlights, doors and conservatories. Bevelled glass tens to catch the light and can offer a very bespoke look to your uPVC windows and doors. Bevelled glass is generally priced at around £60 to £80 per fanlight.image (36)

At Inspire Windows we have a great deal of experience in fitting many different decorative options to our windows. When fitting new uPVC windows, it is important that they are both designed and fitted well. Consideration needs to be made to the layout of Georgian bars or leaded glass to match neighbouring properties. Care and attention must be given when renovating original stained glass which can be hundreds of years old.

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Grey Upvc Windows in Cardiff

Gone are the days of white upvc windows being the only option, coloured windows and doors are now  a common request from our customers. Coloured windows are not reserved for newer prooperties, they can also look fantastic in traditional properties, when some thought and care is put into the design

We recently installed some beautiful anthracite grey windows in Victoria Park, Cardiff. The house currently had green timber windows that were in need of replacement, the customer wanted to know their options for retaining the original stained glass. We gave advice on the cost of either copying the stained glass or reglazing it into the new windows. The clients decided to have it reglazed into the new windows to retain the property’s character.grey upvc doors cardiff

When having a colour on the outside of the window it is common to have the inside as white. Having a darker colour on the interior can make the room look dark and is much more difficult to give a clean finish when trimming around the windows. This can be done in 2 ways, either a white frame has a coloured foil applied to it or frames can be sprayed with colour. We always aim to offer the foiled version as it has a grained effect that looks more like wood, it is also much more resistant to scratches.

grey upvc window prices cardiff

Whilst the new windows were being fitted, the glass was sent to our specialist restorer who will clean the glass and reglaze it into double glazed units.The customers are extremely happy with the completed windows. The stained glass stands out beautifully against the anthracite grey frames and suits the period of the property perfectly.

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