Five of the best conservatory design ideas

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For many of us adding a conservatory to our property is a major financial outlay that will change the way we use our home. Deciding on how you will use your new conservatory will affect the design and size that you choose, the flow of your home and the style in which it will be decorated.


Many conservatories are built without any thought to what they will be used for. It is important to consider basic points when planning your new extension, such as; how many power points will we need and where, where should the doors go to make most use of the space, how much privacy do we want and will we need radiators.

Once you have decided on what the space will be used for, the fun part can begin- designing the interior. Here are a few styles that can be adopted to make sure your new room is both functional and beautiful.


By using clean lines, simple shapes and a pop of colour with your accessories, your conservatory can become a bright living area or playroom. We love the bright colours of this storage unit for keeping the room tidy and the use of white furniture that reflects the light. Bunting draped across the ceiling adds a playful element to the decor without the room feeling like a dedicated kids zone


Conservatories lend themselves to being laid back rooms where you can gaze at the sky for an hour or two. We love the use of daybeds in conservatories, together with a mish mash of reclaimed furniture, low seating and colourful throws and cushions.


Your new conservatory could become the formal dining space that you have always craved. The use of muted colours, antique furniture and stunning lights as a focus point will create a space that will leave your guests in awe of your new room. We liked the use of this chandelier to emphasise the roof height along with the muted colour of the dresser, echoing the outdoors.


Where better to enjoy coastal views than from your new conservatory? Unfortunately we can’t all live by the sea but bringing the nautical feel to your conservatory is simple. The key elements include window seating, the use of natural materials and soft furnishings in blues and greens. We think this room has got the look off to a tee.


All a conservatory really needs to make it the heart of the home is a big comfy sofa or reading chair, some beautiful plants, a coffee table strewn with magazines and a big mug of tea! Gone are the days when conservatories are furnished with wicker furniture, a big corner sofa is ideal to turn your new extension into a room for the whole family.

Once you have decided what you would like to use your new conservatory for, please give us a call for a no obligation appointment. We can advise on planning, design and the best style to suit your home, throughout Cardiff, Newport and South Wales.

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