Choosing the Right Windows for your Home

Windows come in many different forms, but which windows are right for your home? It’s an important consideration; all of our double glazing products are stylish and secure, but each different design has its own specific advantages. So what’s the most important factor for you?

If you favour an old-fashioned kind of beauty, then our Vertical Sliders are the ideal windows for your home. The sash window design has been with us for centuries, and our vertical sliders boast the same antiquated beauty as their Georgian predecessors, but don’t worry – they’re just as sturdy and secure as any modern window!

Still, if you’d prefer a more modern look, then perhaps you’d prefer Tilt and Turn Windows for your home. The big advantage of these windows is the dual opening system, which allows you to open the windows in two different ways. You can open them at the top, for ventilation that keeps the room secure, or you can open them like a door when you want the windows open a little further. The latter method also makes for a handy fire exit, so Tilt and Turn products might be the safest windows for your home.

That said, our UPVC Casement Windows are still our most popular windows, and it’s not hard to see why. Casement windows can be used in all kinds of different settings, and our UPVC windows are made to order, meaning that you can have more or less any window you want for your home.

Whichever product you opt for, rest assured that Inspire Windows will only provide the highest quality windows for your home. If you’d like to know more about any of our double glazing products or services, contact us today and we’ll tell you anything you need to know!

What Can Double Glazing Do For Me?

We at Inspire Windows feel that every home should have double glazing, and while it is a standard feature in a lot of modern homes, there are still plenty of others going without. When showing a prospective buyer around a property, estate agents will still point out the double glazing, making it out to be a major selling point, but while double-glazed windows are definitely a plus, we don’t think they should be worth pointing out. We think every home should have them!

So why is double glazing so essential? You’ve probably heard plenty about its insulative properties, and while we don’t want to tell you what you already know, you’d be amazed at just how effective and energy-efficient our double glazing can be. Double-glazed windows do a lot to keep heat inside the home, meaning that you can save quite a lot of money on your heating bills and the like.

But insulation isn’t the only appealing aspect of double glazing. It’s also a fair bit more secure; even the most upmarket locations will occasionally fall victim to break-ins, and it’s comforting to know that your windows have an extra layer of protection against burglars and vandals. Double-glazed windows are far harder to break than single pane products, which means that your sturdy glass panes will stand up to a lot more pressure. It’s not just crime that’s a concern; the world is full of stray free kicks that can leave your windows shattered and unsightly, so reinforcing your windows with double glazing is always a great idea!

If you’re still living with inferior windows, it’s high time you upgraded to double glazing. Give Inspire Windows a call today, and find out how easy it is to switch!

French Casement window prices Cardiff

Installing Windows throughout South Wales

We’re more than just a Cardiff windows company. As much as we love the Welsh capital, it’s always nice to go a little further afield, and the Inspire team can be found installing windows all over South Wales!

Our double glazing experts have completed a variety of projects throughout South Wales, so whether you live in Cwmbran, Caerphilly, or the Vale of Glamorgan, Inspire could be installing windows in your home very soon! We’ve been providing top quality double glazing products for over 15 years, and that decade and a half period has seen us cover a lot of ground in a lot of different locations. We employ a friendly, affable team of highly-trained workers, and each of them has a lot of experience when it comes to installing windows. They’d be more than happy to tackle your latest project!

So if you need window installation in Barry, or you’re looking for double glazing in Newport, remember that Inspire Windows are always prepared to come to you. Give us a call today on 02920 734573 to enquire about installing windows in your home – you’ll be glad you did!

A recent review of French doors fitted in Cwmbran

A review from Tina Grant who had French doors fitted by us last week;


“I was very pleased with the service and workmanship that I received from Inspire windows, good value for money and they did a fantastic job. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others”.

Stained Glass Windows for the Home

When we say ‘stained glass’, you probably think ‘church’, but decorative glass isn’t just for Sundays. We at Inspire Windows can provide a wide range of stylish colour designs that will brighten up your home and bring elegance to your living space.

Our Decorative Glass service covers all kinds of different design options. Our colourful stained glass makes a bold, beautiful decoration for anywhere in the home, but that’s only part of what we can provide. Bevelled glass can be used to create intricate patterns that are just as striking as a full-colour stained glass panel, and we can utilise elements like the Georgian bar to divide your double glazing up in any way you choose. In short, we can create a completely bespoke window, with brightly-coloured designs and elegant bevels that combine to make a beautiful, unique whole.

Decorative glass is a delightful way to add distinction to your home. Whether you’re decorating your front door, your living room, or your conservatory, the Inspire Windows experts are sure to come up with something that suits you. To find out more about our stained glass windows (or any other aspect of our decorative glass service), give us a call today on 02920 734573.

Do I Need Replacement Windows?

Sometimes, a little bit of TLC is all it takes. A fresh coat of paint or a squirt of WD-40 can often be enough to return old windows to good working order. But when it’s over, it’s over, and if your windows really have fallen into disrepair then it could well be time for replacement windows.

But not everyone is a double glazing expert, and it can sometimes be difficult to spot that your windows are past their prime. It’s important to have sturdy, good-quality windows at all times, but it’s a shame to waste good windows by replacing them before their time. To help you decide whether or not you need replacement windows, here are a few pointers from the experts here at Inspire:

  • Can you see through them?
    The average window is designed to be transparent, so if you’re struggling to see through your windows then it might be time for a change. Condensation between panes is a particularly common culprit, and if you’re struggling to see your front garden because of all the moisture in your double glazing, you’ll probably want to consider installing some replacement windows.
  • Are they up-to-date?
    The steady march of progress has rendered many old windows obsolete, and even if your current windows still look fine, it may yet be worth investing in some new ones. Newer windows tend to be far better at insulating the home, and many modern products are sturdier, too, making your property safer and more secure.
  • Are they broken?
    This goes without saying, really, but it’s very unwise to let broken windows lie. It looks shabby, it can cause a draft, and most importantly of all, it can seriously compromise your security. And remember, a window is more than just the glass pane – a broken frame can also cause problems, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Of course, even if your windows are still perfectly functional, it can still pay to invest in replacement windows. Socontact Inspire Windows today – you’d be amazed at how much difference a new set of windows makes to the look and feel of a room!

Window Installation Cardiff

Leave the Window Installation to us

Inspire Windows don’t just sell double glazing. We give our customers the whole package, which is especially good news if you weren’t keen on tackling the window installation yourself. A lack of DIY expertise shouldn’t prevent you and your home from enjoying the benefits of some brand new windows – just sit back, relax, and let our experienced double glazing experts handle the window installation.

The upvc windows and doors that we supply are of an extremely high quality, but that wouldn’t really matter if we just dropped the windows off at the side of the road and left the rest to you. It doesn’t matter how sturdy and good-looking a window is when you don’t know how to install it! Fortunately for our more DIY-averse clients, the Inspire Windows service goes a little further than just supply; our staff have been working with windows for well over a decade, and they know just about everything there is to know about window installation.

So leave the DIY for another day, and let the Inspire Windows team take care of your window installation. Even if you do know how to do it yourself, why waste all that time and effort when you could just as easily leave it to us?

Vertical Sliders: Traditional Style, Modern Security

Vertical sliders (also known as sash windows) have been with us for centuries. They’re a common feature in houses from the Victorian era, and they’re generally thought of as a pleasantly old-fashioned alternative to casement windows and other more contemporary designs.

But while the sash window may be somewhat antiquated as a concept, rest assured that the vertical sliders we sell here at Inspire Windows are anything but obsolete. As with all of the products we use, our upvc sash windows are built to be as sturdy and as stable as possible. The double glazed panes provide an excellent level of insulation and noise reduction while ensuring that the glass isn’t easily broken, and our wide range of colours and styles means that you’ll most certainly be able to find your perfect windows.

A picturesque Victorian-style design shouldn’t be any less robust than a contemporary look, and our vertical sliding sash windows ensure that your old-fashioned interior is bang up-to-date as far as security is concerned. They’re a superbly secure choice for the home, and they look utterly lovely to boot!

Turning an unused conservatory into the heart of the home

Adding a conservatory is one of the top 10 home improvements carried out within the UK, adding space to the property and increasing its value. With 11 out of 13 regions currently experiencing falling house prices, increasing the value of our homes is becoming ever more important.

When choosing a new conservatory, many people opt for the supplier with the cheapest price or with the glossiest brochure. The most important factors to consider are the design of the conservatory, how it will be used as part of your home, the quality of the fitting and it’s year round suitability.

Badly fitted conservatories are prone to leaks and drafts, always choose a supplier who seems knowledgeable in how the conservatory will blend with your own home and is able to identify any potential problems. Ask to visit a conservatory that the company fitted recently and one that was fitted a couple of years before, this way you can be sure that your new conservatory will stand the test of time and be fitted by a company with consistent standards.

There are currently four million homes in the UK with conservatories, many of which are unused due to various problems. One of the main issues is conservatories fitted with polycarbonate roofs instead of glass. Glass roofs, although more expensive, are 3.5 times more effective in keeping the room cool in the summer and 58% more thermally efficient at keeping the space warm in the winter. Conservatories fitted with planitherm glass and warm edged spacers will make your new room as energy efficient as possible.

Other problems include drafts due to poorly fitted windows and doors, leaks caused by insufficient lead flashings and condensation from a lack of opening windows in the conservatory.

Replacing your current conservatory is obviously a large expense that many people wish to avoid. There are many companies who specialise in repairs, upgrades and replacing polycarbonate roofs for more energy efficient glass roofs, such as Inspire Windows Ltd, based in Cardiff. For less than half of the cost of your original conservatory, the space could be turned into a functional and welcoming room to be used all year round.

The cost of making a new house into a new home

Moving house is a major upheavel in our lives, as well as a major cost; solicitors fees, estate agents fees and moving costs can soon escalate into a large unwanted bill. Once we are settled into our new homes, the spending continues; purchasing new furniture, decorating and home improvements.

A recent survey by Planitherm discovered “There are many aspects that go into creating a new home and we all have a seemingly never-ending to do list for things we hope to improve”. The research found that it takes on average 17 months and 12 days and £5044 to turn our new house into a home. Of course we all feel more settled in our homes once we have enjoyed momentous occasions in them such as birthdays, anniversaries and having children.

The top 10 things which make a house feel a home;

1. Making it warm
2. Enjoying a first Christmas
3. Filling all rooms with furniture
4. Cleaned top to bottom
5. Experiencing all four seasons in the house
6. Planting your own things in the garden
7. Fitting your own toilet seat
8. Stripping the walls
9. Having a birthday
10. Being on first name terms with the neighbours

Making renovations to the home are also a large part of settling in. This includes making decorative improvements, upgrades to double glazing and extending the home to add an extra room such as a conservatory.

The top 10 to do list around the home is


1. Paint each room
2. Lay new carpets in each room
3. Do up the bathroom
4. Rip out the kitchen
5. Fit new double glazing
6. Add new front door (or paint existing one)
7. Re-landscape the garden
8. Lay a new driveway
9. Add a conservatory
10. Extend/add another room

Making a plan of which renovations need to be done first can save you money if you plan carefully. For example if you need to replace your windows and add a conservatory, many companies will charge you less for having all of the work done at one time. It also makes sense to have any structural work carried out before you decorate or lay new carpets. There is no point in painting the walls only to have them replastered in a few months time when new French doors are fitted.

Inspire Windows is a Cardiff windows company with over 15 years’ experience in the supply and installation of high quality double glazing windows, doors and conservatories. We are an authorised partner of REHAU Windows, Europe’s leading manufacturer of some of the most secure and energy-efficient double glazing windows available. Coupled with Planitherm “A” rated glass as standard, REHAU windows are by far and away the best choice for upvc double glazing. Please take a look at our website for more information