Double Glazing For Your Home

Reinforce your Home with Double Glazing

Burglary will always be a big concern for people who live in the city. Statistics from suggest that, on average, Cardiff sees 60 burglaries a month; even the wealthiest parts of Cardiff are prone to the occasional break-in, and an important part of home ownership is ensuring that your property is as secure as it can be. There are many ways to do this, but most of the tips you’ll find online are related to reinforcing your doors. Chains, deadbolts, and stronger frames are all common suggestions for burglar-proofing a house.

But what of the windows? It doesn’t matter how many locks you’ve got on the door if the living room window is still a big weak point. Double glazing is essential if you want to keep your home burglar-free, and Inspire Windows are the people to call if you’re looking for double glazing in Cardiff. Our ‘A’ rated Planitherm glass is as strong as it gets, giving you maximum security against anyone who might want to break your windows and burgle your home.

Our window frames are fantastically secure too, reducing the possibilty of someone forcing them open. Cardiff is a wonderful place to live, but nowhere is completely crime-free and when it comes to your home’s security, you can never be too careful. Get in touch with Inspire Windows today for double glazing in Cardiff and the surrounding area.