Replacement Windows: Let the Sunlight In!

It’s summertime, and in a twist that nobody saw coming, South Wales has actually seen a fair bit of sunshine recently. Goodness knows that this can’t last forever, so it’s important to make the most of the nice weather before the usual Welsh climate comes back from its summer holidays.

Obviously the best way to enjoy the sunshine is to go outside, but if work commitments and the like have you copped up indoors all day, replacement windows could be the key to a slightly more summery feeling.

Confused? Here are two ways in which replacement windows from Inspire can make it feel like summer:

  1. A Clearer View
    If your current windows are fogged with condensation, obscuring your view of the world outside, new double glazing is a great way of bringing things into sharper focus. You’ll be surprised at how much difference a set of replacement windows can make; with that unsightly moisture gone, your new windows will let far more light in, making you feel that much closer to being outdoors.
  2. Let Some Air In
    Windows come in many shapes, sizes, and designs. Many rooms are still stuck with small windows that make for a stuffy atmosphere, and if your windows don’t open far enough to let much air in, the summertime is when you’ll notice it the most. Inspire Windows can install a wide range of designs in the home, including tilt-and-turn windows that can be opened in two different ways. Fully opening your tilt-and-turn window will make you feel a lot more comfortable on those muggy summer afternoons!