Windows & Interior Design

Interior design is a funny old field. Windows might not be the first thing you think of when you’re redecorating a room, but as all good interior designers know, every element of a room counts, and that includes the double glazing. Of course, practicality is more important than style when it comes to your home’s windows, but why can’t they be both practical and stylish?

Well-chosen windows can do wonders for one’s living space. They have a subtler impact than, say, a bright red sofa, but it’s the subtle things that make all the difference. Windows are the primary source of light in most rooms (at least during the daytime), and different windows will have all kinds of different effects on a room. Obviously, you’ll want the glass itself to be as strong and as sturdy as possible, but beyond that, there are all kinds of design options that revolve around the windows. Vertical sliders, for example, are different from casement windows, and there’s a wide variety of curtains and blinds on the market that will help you to make your room exactly as you like it. You could even add some decorative glass detail to give your windows a bit of personality!

Windows are an essential aspect of any room, and it’s hugely important to consider their impact on your interior design. Do you want your room to feel light and breezy, or warm and cosy? Do you have any particular theme in mind? And where will you be sitting in relation to the incoming light? All of these questions are well worth thinking about, so don’t forget to factor in the windows next time you’re redecorating!