Vertical Sliders: Traditional Style, Modern Security

Vertical sliders (also known as sash windows) have been with us for centuries. They’re a common feature in houses from the Victorian era, and they’re generally thought of as a pleasantly old-fashioned alternative to casement windows and other more contemporary designs.

But while the sash window may be somewhat antiquated as a concept, rest assured that the vertical sliders we sell here at Inspire Windows are anything but obsolete. As with all of the products we use, our upvc sash windows are built to be as sturdy and as stable as possible. The double glazed panes provide an excellent level of insulation and noise reduction while ensuring that the glass isn’t easily broken, and our wide range of colours and styles means that you’ll most certainly be able to find your perfect windows.

A picturesque Victorian-style design shouldn’t be any less robust than a contemporary look, and our vertical sliding sash windows ensure that your old-fashioned interior is bang up-to-date as far as security is concerned. They’re a superbly secure choice for the home, and they look utterly lovely to boot!