uPVC Windows Cardiff

uPVC Windows, Cardiff

uPVC Windows, Cardiff

Refresh the aesthetics of your Cardiff home with beautiful replacement uPVC windows. Inspire Windows are proud to be a local company, offering a range of stunning and high-performance double glazed windows to Cardiff homeowners. We offer impressive value for money combined with exceptional quality, so you can be sure you are getting a superb double glazing installation.

Why Choose Us?

Inspire Windows have been operating in Cardiff for over fifteen years. We have extensive experience in the double glazing industry and have many happy customers who would recommend our installation services.

We pride ourselves on our fresh approach to double glazing. We never put pressure on our customers to buy our products. Our aim is to provide them with information and guidance so that they can make the best and fully informed decision regarding their home improvements in their own time.

You are in safe hands with Inspire Windows. Our customers and their satisfaction are our priority.uPVC Windows Cardiff

The Benefits of uPVC Windows

Your Cardiff home can be enhanced in so many ways when you choose uPVC windows. Not only will you get beautiful looks that will last for many years, but you will also get incredible performance.

Our uPVC windows are designed and fabricated by the outstanding double glazing manufacturer REHAU. This means that your replacement uPVC windows will offer superb security and fantastic energy efficiency, as well as enhanced weather resistance.

uPVC Windows Styles

We have summarised our uPVC windows styles to give you inspiration for choosing your replacement double glazing.

Every uPVC window we offer can be customised to meet your needs. They are all available in tailored sizes and they can come in a variety of profile colours, woodgrain foils and with decorative glazing options.

Create a simply sumptuous appearance for your property with uPVC windows that have been specifically created to reflect your Cardiff home and your tastes.

Casement Windows

Our gorgeous uPVC casement windows offer a stylish and contemporary finish for your home. They are a cost effective double glazing solution, offering streamlined appearances combined with high-performance design. You can be sure of a crisp, clean look with a uPVC casement window.

Tilt and Turn Windows

For the ultimate practical option, our uPVC tilt and turn windows are unrivalled. They offer a safe ventilation option, easy access for maintenance, and an emergency exit. All this comes with supreme style, as these windows offer a delightfully large glazed area and slimline profile.

Sash Windows

For traditional looks that add character to any home, the uPVC sash window is the perfect choice. Designed to replicate the appearance of 19th Century windows, our double glazed sash windows incorporate a wide range of modern technological advances.

Supreme Weather Resistance

Nothing is more changeable than the Welsh weather, and so our uPVC windows are specifically designed to provide supreme weather resistance for Cardiff homes.

Every window is manufactured with REHAU’s double weather seals, meaning that your home will be fully protected against the elements. No matter how harsh the weather gets, your family and home will be warm and dry.uPVC Windows Cardiff

Unparalleled Security

Our uPVC windows from REHAU are renowned for their unparalleled security performance. Using state of the art design features such as steel reinforcement and internally glazed windows, these superb uPVC windows will protect your family and home.

This wonderful design is coupled with key locking systems that have a nine-point multipoint locking system, making these uPVC windows some of the most secure double glazing products on the market.

uPVC Windows Prices, Cardiff

Inspire Windows are proud to be able to offer our Cardiff customers exceptional uPVC windows prices. We ensure that our double glazing quotes are fantastically competitive, offering you superb value for money. Our high-quality uPVC window installations are a cost effective home improvement that you will enjoy for many years to come.

If you would like a free, no obligation uPVC windows quote, then simply visit our online quote calculator. It’s easy to use and will provide you with a tailored uPVC windows guide price in a matter of minutes.

Of course, you can always contact us and we will be happy to guide you through your options and provide you with a personalised double glazed windows guide price.

Composite Door styles, which style are you?

Our new range of composite doors now offer an even wider range of styles without skimping on quality. We are proud to fit “endurance” doors which are made with a solid laminated timber veneer lumber core, making them up to 10% thicker than most composite doors on the market.

Our new range of doors now offers a choice for every type of property from victorian terraces in Cardiff to country cottages in Cowbridge. These new styles enable our customers to choose composite doors that fit in with the style of their home instead of being limited to single glazed timber doors that don’t offer as much security. Although upvc doors are still very popular, our grp doors are bridging the gap between timber and pvc offering style, energy efficiency and security.

Each door is available in a choice of 14 colours, many of which are available with a matching frame and weather bar. Our new heritage range is proving to be extremely popular with traditional edwardian and georgian homes, the high security locks emulates the trditional cylinder pull on original doors.

Our glass range can dramatically alter the look of your new door- whether you choose a simplistic obscure glass, ornate bevel design or a modern etched look, there really is something to suit everyones taste.

Visit our brochure page today to take a look at our fantastic new range of doors or browse our recent work here for examples of our high quality doors fitted in customers homes.

For a no obligation appointment call 02920 734573 today.

Cardiff Double Glazing- Is it time for new windows?

We get many enquiries regarding repairs to windows and replacement of double glazed units. Although we do not carry out repair work, we find that many customers are actually putting off the inevitable by trying to repair their windows when they really need replacing. If you are considering your options, here is how to tell whether it is time to splash out on new windows for your home

1. The age of your windows
If your windows are over 15 years old, the chances are that they are nearly ready to be replaced. They may not look too bad from a distance but new upvc windows are much more advanced in terms of security, energy efficiency and ease of use.

2. Gaps around the window or wobbly frames
It could be that your windows were fitted by the previous owners If they were done cheaply the chances are they are badly fitted. Even the best window in the world will not perform effectively if they not been fixed in securely or adequately sealed.

3. Broken hinges and locks
Many customers do not realise how much the cost of high qualty locks and hinges add to the price of windows. If you are splashing out on new locks, are your windows strong enough to fit the locks into?. Our windows are all fully reinforced with steel allowing the locks to fix firmly into place. Our 9 point locking system is also much more secure than older windows that will have fewer locks.

4. Allowing lots of noise through
When we change our customers windows, the first thing they say is “it’s so quiet”. Peace and quiet in your home is important, it’s very easy to get used to background noise without realising it.

5. Fading furniture and curtains
Modern glass techniques can perform a range of functions to suit your needs. Whether it be uv protection, extra security or heat retention – our planitherm glass does it all.

6. The frames  are rotting
This is a clear sign that your windows have had their day. If your frames have got to this stage, it is time to dig deep and start getting quotes for new windows.

7. It’s time for a change

With the wide variety of styles and colour options available, new windows and doors really can change the whole look of your house. Take time to consider what style your are looking for. A reputable double glazing company will be more than happy to help you design your new windows and doors.

For your no obligation quote call 02920 734573 or visit www.inspirewindows.co.uk

Cardiff Windows and Doors- Choose Inspire Windows

At Inspire Windows Cardiff, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products available and fit them with care. We understand that your new upvc windows will be  a major purchase and may be something that you have been saving for over the last few years.

It can be daunting choosing a company when there are so many double glazing businesses offering an abundance of advice. Our customers choose us because they trust us, we offer genuine reasons why we use the products that we do, we are always happy to give out addresses of previous work and most importantly our fitters are experienced and finish the job properly. Our windows and doors of choice are Rehau, one the longest standing extruders and highly regarded within the industry. Their frames are so strong that our top quality locks and hinges are fixed firmly into the steel reinforcment.

We also have genuine reviews that are verified by the website that customers place them on and also verify the computer IP address of where each one was placed. When checking out customer reviews, always take a look at the site and see how easy it is to place a review, if you don’t need to create an account the chances are that many of the reviews are not real and placed by the company themselves. There are many review sites that simply won’t allow customers to place a poor review.

Finally, always compare quotes on a like to like basis. The most expensive quote may not be the highest quality and the cheapest quote may not include everything that you want. Good quality workmanship does cost more- from the high quality moving parts to the mastic that will seal your new windows, take into account exactly what you are paying for. Our quotes include a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.


For a free quote call 02920 734573 or visit www.inspirewindows.co.uk

Five of the best conservatory design ideas

image (37)

For many of us adding a conservatory to our property is a major financial outlay that will change the way we use our home. Deciding on how you will use your new conservatory will affect the design and size that you choose, the flow of your home and the style in which it will be decorated.


Many conservatories are built without any thought to what they will be used for. It is important to consider basic points when planning your new extension, such as; how many power points will we need and where, where should the doors go to make most use of the space, how much privacy do we want and will we need radiators.

Once you have decided on what the space will be used for, the fun part can begin- designing the interior. Here are a few styles that can be adopted to make sure your new room is both functional and beautiful.


By using clean lines, simple shapes and a pop of colour with your accessories, your conservatory can become a bright living area or playroom. We love the bright colours of this storage unit for keeping the room tidy and the use of white furniture that reflects the light. Bunting draped across the ceiling adds a playful element to the decor without the room feeling like a dedicated kids zone


Conservatories lend themselves to being laid back rooms where you can gaze at the sky for an hour or two. We love the use of daybeds in conservatories, together with a mish mash of reclaimed furniture, low seating and colourful throws and cushions.


Your new conservatory could become the formal dining space that you have always craved. The use of muted colours, antique furniture and stunning lights as a focus point will create a space that will leave your guests in awe of your new room. We liked the use of this chandelier to emphasise the roof height along with the muted colour of the dresser, echoing the outdoors.


Where better to enjoy coastal views than from your new conservatory? Unfortunately we can’t all live by the sea but bringing the nautical feel to your conservatory is simple. The key elements include window seating, the use of natural materials and soft furnishings in blues and greens. We think this room has got the look off to a tee.


All a conservatory really needs to make it the heart of the home is a big comfy sofa or reading chair, some beautiful plants, a coffee table strewn with magazines and a big mug of tea! Gone are the days when conservatories are furnished with wicker furniture, a big corner sofa is ideal to turn your new extension into a room for the whole family.

Once you have decided what you would like to use your new conservatory for, please give us a call for a no obligation appointment. We can advise on planning, design and the best style to suit your home, throughout Cardiff, Newport and South Wales.

All of our windows, doors and conservatories come with a 10 year guarantee and expert fitting and aftercare.www.inspirewindows.co.uk

Stained glass and Decorative options with Upvc windows

There are many ways to enhance the look of new upvc windows if you want something a little different or to replicate your existing windows. We take a look at some of the various options when choosing your double glazing, along with examples of windows that we have fitted throughout Cardiff and South Wales

Leaded glass

Leaded glass can be fitted in just the top of the windows (fanlights) or in the entire window depending on the customers preference. Many people choose to have it fitted in the fanlights as it enhances the window without obscuring the view through the main pane of glass. Leaded glass generally adds around £50 per square metre to the cost of your new windows.

image (31)

Astragal Bars

Astragal bars are added to the window to give the look of original glazing bars that would each house a separate pane of glass. They are fitted to the window and stand proud of the glass, a back to back spacer is fitted to the inside of the glass. These can be fitted in a variety of patterns with either a single vertical bar for a minimal look or a grid pattern to replicate original georgian windows. Astragal bars can be around 20 to 30% more expensive than standard windows.

image (32)

Georgian bars

Georgian bars are fitted to the inside of the double glazed unit, they are more cost effective version of astragal bars. Georgian bars can also be fitted in a variety of patterns and are available in a choice of colours to match the chosen window. Georgian bars generally cost around an extra £40 to £50 a square metre depending on the colour. Below is an example of irish oak windows with colour matched georgian bars.

image (33)

Stained Glass

When deciding on stained glass for your windows, there are two choices. If you have existing stained glass in your windows we can remove it, clean, restore it and reglaze it into new double glazed units. Alternatively we can copy an original or bespoke pattern and replicate it into your new windows. Colours can be matched exactly to give you the most authentic look possible. We also have standard stained glass designs that can be chosen if you don’t have any special requirements.

Stained glass prices vary depending on the size of the window, for a simple stained glass fanlight the additional price would be around £30 to £50 per fanlight to replicate a pattern. Original stained glass that is being reglazed can vary tremendously depending on the size and condition of the glass. Below is an example of original stained glass fitted into a rosewood upcv window and a door fitted with replicated stained glass effect.image (34)image (35)

Bevelled Glass

Bevelled glass involves adding a raised design to the glass, it gives an eleant look to panes of glass and is popular in fanlights, doors and conservatories. Bevelled glass tens to catch the light and can offer a very bespoke look to your upvc windows and doors. Bevelled glass is generally priced at around £60 to £80 per fanlight.image (36)

At Inspire Windows we have a great deal of experience in fitting many different decorative options to our windows. When fitting new Upvc windows, is is important that they are both designed and fitted well. Consideration needs to be made into the layout of georgian bars or leaded glass to match neighbouring properties. Care an attention must be given when renovating original stained glass which can be hundreds of years old.

For a quote or more information, please give us a call on 02920 734573 or take a look at more of our work on our facebook page

Grey Upvc Windows in Cardiff

Gone are the days of white upvc windows being the only option, coloured windows and doors are now  a common request from our customers. Coloured windows are not reserved for newer prooperties, they can also look fantastic in traditional properties, when some thought and care is put into the design

We recently installed some beautiful anthracite grey windows in Victoria Park, Cardiff. The house currently had green timber windows that were in need of replacement, the customer wanted to know their options for retaining the original stained glass. We gave advice on the cost of either copying the stained glass or reglazing it into the new windows. The clients decided to have it reglazed into the new windows to retain the property’s character.grey upvc doors cardiff

When having a colour on the outside of the window it is common to have the inside as white. Having a darker colour on the interior can make the room look dark and is much more difficult to give a clean finish when trimming around the windows. This can be done in 2 ways, either a white frame has a coloured foil applied to it or frames can be sprayed with colour. We always aim to offer the foiled version as it has a grained effect that looks more like wood, it is also much more resistant to scratches.

grey upvc window prices cardiff

Whilst the new windows were being fitted, the glass was sent to our specialist restorer who will clean the glass and reglaze it into double glazed units.The customers are extremely happy with the completed windows. The stained glass stands out beautifully against the anthracite grey frames and suits the period of the property perfectly.

If you are considering new upvc windows for your home, please call us for a no obligation quote on 02920 734573. We only fit premium products including rehau windows and doors. Alternatively visit our website www.inspirewindows.co.uk for upvc double glazing in Cardiff and the surrounding areas

grey upvc window cost cardiff grey upvc window installation cardiff

Replacing a window with upvc French Doors

With the summer approaching, our minds turn to the outdoor space in our homes and how we can make the most of it during the warmer weather. The main consideration is increasing the access to the garden to make the whole house a more workable space. We recently had an appointment with a young couple in Barry who had just bought a house and wanted to improve the access to the garden before they moved in.

During the appointment they decided that they would like to remove a window from the existing dark lounge and install patio doors with sidescreens. To match in with the exisitng windows, the doors were designed with georgian bars. These kind of projects can be slightly messy although we always cover surfaces with dustsheet before any work is started. The existing window was removed and the new opening cut out by our building team, a new lintel is installed to support the walls and the new french doors were fitted. Of course, we always hoover and clean up before we leave, as well as removing all of the rubbish.

upvc French doors cardiffupvc french doors prices cardiffupvc french door styles cardiff


Once the French doors were fitted we plastered the walls internally and rendered the external walls. The change to the house was dramatic with the customers now having a light and spacious room that will be ideal for entertaining during the summer months. If you are considering this type of project for your home in the cardiff area, why not give us a call for an initial appointment. We can discuss the different options such as french, patio or bi fold doors and discuss the timescale and price for your home improvements. There are a few factors that may affect the price such as moving any electrical points or pipework, we are always happy to deal with this for you or let you organise the work before we arrive to carry out the fitting. For details on our doors take a look at the doors section of our website

Our building team have over 30 years experience in the cardiff and newport area, they are skilled in conservatory bases, extension cutouts and brick ups. Our building and fitting teams work seamlessly together to ensure that all of our projects go smoothly and cause our customers the least disruption possible,

For high quality rehau windows and doors in cardiff and newport, give us a call on 02920 734573 or email enquiries@inspirewindows.co.uk.

Upvc Windows in Cardiff with stained glass

During our initial appointments we spend as much time as possible designing the windows and doors that you would like for your home. Purchasing new double glazing can be a large outlay and it is vital that as a customer you receive the quality and look for your home that you want.

We recently replaced all of the windows in a house in Radyr, Cardiff, which currently had wooden windows with stunning stained glass. The customers told us that they wanted to keep the original stained glass as it was one of the features that they loved about the house. When considering having decorative glass in your home, there are 2 options; we can either copy an existing or new pattern onto your new windows when they are manufactured or we can remove the existing glass and have it put into double glazed units. Even glass that has some damage to it can be restored or repiared by our experts.

To the front of the house we installed black on white bay windows, this matched the original colour of the windows and many of the neighbours properties also. From the inside the refurbished glass looks stunning against the white rehau frames.

image (17)image (18)

We also produced some of the windows using rosewood on the inside and white on the outside. This is an unusual request and slightly more expensive but it fitted in perfectly with the interior design of the house. The original stained glass looks lovely against the rosewood colour.

image (21)

In addition to replacing the windows for upvc, we also fitted new French doors in white on rosewood.

image (20)image (19)

If you are considering changing your existing wooden windows for upvc, why not give us a call to arrange an appointment. We can talk you through the different options for your home and tailor a quote to your requirements. There are many companies in cardiff who offer plain cheap double glazing, we are not one of them! We only fit the highest quality rehau frames, planitherm glass and locking systems, and fit them with skill and care. Take a look at our decorative glass page to see the various designs that we can offer.

For premium windows and doors, expertly fitted in and around Cardiff, give us a call on 02920 734573

Cardiff Double Glazing Prices, why do they vary so much?

upvc door cardiff

It’s that time of year again where double glazing companies are offering 55% off their prices along with lots of free extras, the majority of us understand that these massive discounts are not realistic. Although there is higher competition in January for window and door installers, a reasonable discount is 5% to 10% for any company that offers genuine prices during the rest of the year.

All window companies want to keep their fitters working so there is always a little room to negotiate in January. The problem is what to do, when everyone tells you their windows and doors are the best, but the prices vary massively?

Take a few moments to consider which window you preferred the look of; after all it is your family that will be looking through them every day for the next 10 to 15 years. Did one of the frames suit your home more, did it feel sturdier and were the handles easier to operate?

Many window profiles now offer the same standards; A rating, argon gas filled with low e coated glass and secured by design status. However there are a few important factors that could make you question that suspiciously cheap double glazing quote. Here is our checklist for ensuring a quality installation;

  1. Glass- The glass should have a low e coating on the outside, argon or krypton gas filled and Planitherm or similar coating on the internal face. This will reduce condensation on the window and help to keep the heat inside your home.
  2. Locks and hinges- Are there a sufficient amount of locks and are they from a reputable manufacturer. We use Mila locks, handles and hinges on our doors and windows which have won the G awards for 2 years. Good quality ancillaries can be considerably more expensive than their cheaper rivals.
  3. Manufacturing – A window profile is nothing until it is actually put together by the manufacturer. How long has the manufacturer been making this profile, how often are there problems with the windows or doors?
  4. Finishing – Finishing off a window with trims or plastering is one of the most time consuming parts of fitting a window. Any company that takes time and care will need to charge a little more to allow for this. Ideally your windows should be sealed internally with stelmax instead of silicone which should not discolour or go mouldy.
  5. The fitting team- Do they have the required experience and are they actually employed by the company on a daily rate? Some window fitters work on a price rate of how many frames they can fit in a day, we would prefer our installers to fit 4 windows perfectly rather than 7 badly. As with every industry, it costs more to employ good staff than it does bad ones.
  6. The guarantee- Is the guarantee transferrable if you sell your home and does it cover everything. Many companies only cover the glass, locks and handles for 1 year, we cover everything that we fit for the full 10 years.
  7. The company – To the frustration of the double glazing industry there are still people out there who will offer a fantastic price but have no plans of being around in 5 years time when you may need them. It costs money to run a business professionally and pay your staff well; this will generally be reflected in the quote that you receive.

Of course there are situations when as a customer you will have a limited budget and just pick the cheapest quote. Don’t be afraid to ask for the job to be split into two parts so you can have better quality windows and doors without the big outlay. We very often fit the front of a house and then return when the customer is ready to complete the back. You, the customer are happy and as a business we know we have work for the future.

Take another look at your double glazing quotes and consider which one actually offers the best value for money. Ask each company if you can have an address where they have fitted windows in the last couple of months and a year or two ago, this way you can see the quality of fitting recently and ascertain how the frames have weathered.

If you are still feeling confused, there are many forums where tradesmen will give an impartial view on the best frames and fitting techniques, one of the better ones is my builder.com. Having a little more knowledge can give you the confidence to hand your hard earned money over to the right people.